Bloody Jumpshot!

I was browsing through my Facebook account a few days back and found a picture that spread like wildfire. Yes, it definitely caught my attention. I’m not sure who the original source of the photo was, but I grabbed it anyway (whoever knows the owner, please stand up!)

While I was looking at the photo, I was thinking about how their day started and how it ended up the way it did. So this is what I came up with..

The girl woke up all excited about their trip to the beach. All pumped up, she took a bath, put on some clothes, and prepared everything she needs for the trip. She forgot one thing though, a roll of tissue, in case of an emergency. When the guy came, the girl jumped on the passenger’s seat and off they went! After a few hours of driving, they finally reached their destination, the beach!!

Okay.. I’m starting to get bored myself so lets cut to the chase!

Going to the beach without a jumpshot is like an iced tea without ice or tea. A jumpshot is a must when you’re on the beach. It is written in the beach bible! Read it!

Obviously, both of them knew what I’m talking about. They asked someone to take their picture, “1, 2, 3, Jump!” then all of a sudden… BAAAMMMMMM! Oopsieee!


The girl was kicked in the face, the guy laughed, and didn’t even bother to wipe the girl’s bloody nose! Thus, another picture. Like, what the F***?

So what’s the moral of the story? DO NOT FORGET TO BRING A ROLL OF TISSUE!

Yeah.. That’s about right! If no one else can wipe your bloody nose, wipe it yourself before someone takes your picture!!


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