Start of a Healthy Living.

Last Sunday, I had the guts to check on my current weight and found out that I have gained a lot since my “vacation” started. So anyway, I have been on a diet since Monday, and trust me, I am much more cranky than ever!!!!! No, it’s not a crash diet. What I did was to remove soda from my diet and take in less food than my usual “2-Round every meal” diet. Aside from that, I am also taking up boxing to lose weight and at the same time, increase my endurance.

Yesterday was the first day of my training and I have to say that.. SMOKING WILL DEFINITELY “KILL” YOU! You see, I used to be an athlete and a dancer back in high school, and I used to go to the gym as well. All these activities were forgotten when I started working, drinking, and smoking. The only strenuous activity I had then was walking (from our old Annapolis office to Boni Serrano or to our house in Project 4).

So going back to the training I had yesterday. I was already catching my breath while doing the warm up – stretching. After that, we started to work. I know I did good; strong punches, different combinations, good footwork, game face on, almost blacked out… Yup! I almost blacked out! Good thing, I was able to sit down and hold on to the ropes rather than fall down on the mats face first; that could’ve been worse. I just couldn’t breathe! It was as if my lungs started to reject oxygen for my system. I felt blood rushing through the back of my head. I didn’t want to push myself that much, since I couldn’t fully recover.

While trying to recover from my “almost blacked out” experience, I realized a few stuff which I listed below:

• Quit smoking, else, black out every training day
• Never gain this much weight ever again by over eating, unless prepared to do all the workout and diet over again
• Endure the pain. Achieve the goal
• Discipline, Determination and Hardwork are the keys to success


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