Tony Stark: Audi R8 or Acura NSX?

If you were Tony Stark, which of these would you enjoy the most: Audi R8 GT or Acura NSX?

The Audi R8 GT was first seen in the 2008 film adaptation of Iron Man, and had an appearance in Iron Man 2 in 2010 as well. This sports car’s character very much relates to Tony Stark’s “all-eyes-on-me” attitude, as this vehicle can capture everyone’s attention by its mere existence; luxurious way of life, as it is one pricey and elegant piece of swag; as well as his genius innovations, as they are as sturdy and as efficient. I found a video of a scene that was omitted from the final cut that proved how sturdy the R8 could be.

Audi R8 GT (Iron Man)

  • 525hp V10 Engine
  • Powers vehicle from 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds
  • Aluminum ASF®
  • quattro® All-wheel Drive
  • 6-speed manual with gated shifter
  • or 6-speed R Tronic transmission (allows gear change without touching the clutch)
  • Xenon plus headlights with running LED lights
  • Advanced air-intake System
  • Race-inspired Design (interior)
  • Motorsport-inspired Design (exterior)
Audi R8
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Acura and Marvel signed a multi-picture deal to showcase the Japanese automaker’s new cars in upcoming superhero movies of the film outfit. However, the car that was intended for The Avengers was not yet ready when the film outfit started shooting. Both companies had to come up with something that could replace Tony Stark’s Audi R8 shown in the previous Iron Man movies. Since the old NSX is no longer in production, Acura and Marvel used the 1991 NSX, and gave it a roadster body that could represent the NSX concept car that debuted at the Detroit Auto Show back in January. Acura stated that the low-slung Acura NSX will not be in showrooms until 2015, so there’s not much information as to the specifications of the said vehicle.

Acura NSX (The Avengers)

Acura NSX Roadster

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