A Guide to Obtain a City Prosecutor Clearance in Quezon City

If anyone requires you to submit a City Prosecutor Clearance, below are the steps to help you. Please take note that these steps are only for those who wish to obtain the said clearance from the City Hall of Quezon City.

Step 1: Requirements

In order for you to obtain a City Prosecutor Clearance, you will need to submit the following requirements.

  • Photocopy of Cedula or Community Tax Certificate
  • Photocopy of NBI, PNP or Barangay Clearance

Step 2: Go to the City Hall of Quezon City

The easiest way to go to City Hall is to ride a bus in EDSA. There is a bus stop in front of SM Hypermart in EDSA cor. Main Ave. and another one in front of Farmer’s Plaza; ride a bus going to Fairview. It will surely pass by the City Hall. You can alight at the entrance of NBI’s satellite office along East Ave., or the main entrance along Elliptical Road.

Step 3: Go to the Quezon City Hall of Justice

Below is a screenshot from Google Maps showing where the Hall of Justice inside the City Hall compound is:

Hall of Justice

Step 4: Proceed to the 4th floor

Go to the office beside the City Prosecutor’s office (Room 403, if I’m not mistaken). The office has old brown doors which you will immediately notice. Inform the one at the desk that you wish to get clearance from the Prosecutor’s office. Fill-out the form that they will give you and submit the requirements. They will give you a sheet of paper that you will need to bring to the City Treasurer’s office.

Step 5: Pay the Processing Fee

The City Treasurer’s office is just beside the Hall of Justice. Please see the map below.

City Treasurer's Office
I asked the security guard on duty which of the counters should I approach to pay the fee for the City Prosecutor Clearance and he told me to go to Counter 17, and then I paid the fee of P50.00.

Step 6: Claim of City Prosecutor Clearance

When you’re done paying, go back to the office on the 4th floor of the Hall of Justice and show your receipt. You will be asked to pay P20.00 for the documentary stamp and you’re done!

**NOTE: Make sure you have the exact amount of P20.00 because they do not have change. SOBRANG HASSLE dahil pupunta ka nanaman kung saan-saan para lang papalitan yung pera mo.


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  1. mark anthony s magdadaro says :

    maka kuha ! nga ng prosecutors clearance

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