A Guide to Claim Your Voter’s ID in Quezon City

Have you been voting for quite some time, and yet, you still have not received your voter’s ID?

Here is how you can claim it if you are a resident of Quezon City:

Step 1: Requirement/s

  • Claim stub that was given to you upon registration.
  • If you no longer have the claim stub, just bring a valid ID
  • If you are to claim someone else’s ID, bring an Authorization Letter from the owner and your valid ID.

Step 2: Go to the City Hall of Quezon City

Ride a bus in EDSA with the Fairview signage (Northbound side). This will surely pass by City Hall. You can either alight at Mayaman St. or the main entrance along Elliptical Road.

**If you know other routes, please share it by leaving a comment. 🙂

Step 3: Go to the QC Barangay Operations Center

You can find the QC Barangay Operations Center along Mayaman St. inside the compound of the City Hall of Quezon City. It is on the opposite side of the Quezon City Hall of Justice.

Step 4: Choose Your District

Quezon City is divided into 4 districts and each district has a designated office in the QC Barangay Operations Center. Choose the District where you are registered. If you are not familiar which district you come from, you should know the name of the Barangay you live in. There are lists of Barangays posted in all offices designated for each district so that you’ll know which district you belong to.

Below is a map that could help you find the said offices:

Barangay Operations

**Note: The office of District 4 is a bit hidden. When you’ve passed by District 3’s designated office, there is a narrow walkway on the right side. Just walk that path and you’ll find District 4’s designated office.

Step 5: Claim Your Voter’s ID

Proceed to the Voter’s ID claiming area at your designated office and show the requirement/s. Just wait for your name to be called. The process of looking for your ID could take a while, with mine, it took them an hour to find it. For some, after waiting for a while, they were told that their ID is not yet ready.

According to a COMELEC officer present when I claimed my Voter’s ID, looking for the IDs really takes time since not everyone claims it on time, and although it is categorized by Barangays, the IDs are not arranged alphabetically.

Step 6 (Optional): Pay P15.00 to have your ID laminated

Please like this page and share it with others if you think it was helpful. You may also leave a comment if you have suggestions on how to improve it further.


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10 responses to “A Guide to Claim Your Voter’s ID in Quezon City”

  1. Charie says :

    that would help a lot.. thank you for the information.

  2. xlpetite says :

    Cool! Thanks a lot for the tips!

  3. ReallyThankful says :

    Thanks for this post. Really helpful. :))

  4. mybadongt says :

    The other districts ay minsan nakatago..magtanong na lang kayo kung san yung office nung Districts 5 and 6. Siguraduhin kailangan talaga ang photocopy nung other pages ng passport. Loko yung mga nag photocopy, kahit ndi naman kailangan yung back pages ng passport ay photocopy nila para lang kumita ng extra.
    I got my Voters ID on Jun 2014 after waiting for it for 5 years. They will only issue ID’s that were applied before 2011 or 2010. That a lot of backlogs ! For those who applied after, you will get your Voters ID after 5 years..just be patient 😀

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